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PlayOn 101 

What is
PlayOn Pop? 
It’s an Imaginarium of gathered and created objects, outfits and images that inspire the small and the young at heart. To learn more about us, click here. 

Why buy from
PlayOn Pop? 
We make sure that we offer you products with the good quality, value, and story behind it. We are committed to provide you the most convenient purchase and return processes, best online rates available, as well as help in resolving any issue you encounter. 

How to sign up? 
We are pleased that
PlayOn Pop is now open to public! You can access our entire shop without logging in, but you do have to sign up to purchase any items. All you need is an email or Facebook account. Invite your friends and family and share the fun too. 

How to log into your account? 
To log into your account, enter your email address and password at if you have any issues, please contact PlayOn Pop_Care

Do you have a loyalty program? 
We are working an exciting loyalty program for you. Your transactions are recorded and you can apply your current purchases to the program when we launch it.


Profile & Account 

How to change your email address? 
Please go to "My Account" and then change your email address there. The next time you log in, your previous email address can no longer be used for login. 

How to reset your password? 
You can reset your password from "My Profile". 

Shop At
PlayOn Pop

How do I shop for a merchandise? 
If you already know which item you want to purchase, type its name or keywords in the "Search" box on the top right hand corner. To browse, click on "Shop" on the top of the webpage. You can also find an item based on its product type by clicking on a category. Click on the photo or name of your selected product and it will take you to the product page. 

On the product page, when given option, please select size, color, or other relevant attributes. Select the number of items you wish to buy, and click "Add to Cart". 

How do I find exclusive or on-sale products? 
Products that are On Sale, Exclusive, or of Limited Availability (we call them Special Package) are labeled below their respective names on the catalogue. It will also show on the right hand side if a product is a Special Package. 

Can I make special requests? 
We will try as much as possible to accommodate your special requests, but to be sure, please contact 
PlayOn Pop_Care



What payment methods do
PlayOn Pop accept? 
We accept Credit Card (Visa and MasterCard) & Bank Transfer.

Bank transfer can be made to: A/N. Nurendro Siwiaji

·      BCA Account: ---

·      Mandiri Account: 166-00-1212218-0

How many hours do I have to complete a payment? 
You need to complete payment not later than 1 x
24 hours.

Can we do bank transfer from overseas bank? 
PlayOn Pop does not recommend bank transfer using Foreign Bank Account. We recommend you to use Indonesian Bank Account.

What is the recommended payment method and why? 

·      We recommend payment with Credit Card (Visa and MasterCard) because it’s the fastest payment method, and your orders can be processed straight away.

·      You can also opt for Bank Transfer Payment, which will take 1-2 business days to process.

Where is my order confirmation? 
PlayOn Pop received your order, check your email for an order confirmation from us. The email will include your tracking number and link to track your order information.

How can I check on my payment confirmation / How can I track my orders?

·      After you’re done with payment, check your progress through My Orders.

·      We will confirm your order within 1 working day (official working hours: 9am – 6pm)

·      If after 2 business days you haven’t received any email on your payment (Email Subject: Pop Received Payment), please call our Customer Service at +62 882-142-50706

When will my orders be shipped? 
After your payment has been confirmed,
PlayOn Pop will need 2-7 business days to process your orders.

·      For Jabodetabek area, around 2-3 business days to deliver

·      For Nationwide, around 7 business days to deliver

·      We will confirm your order within 1 working day (official working hours: 9am – 6pm)

·      For International Shipping, it will depend on the destination.

What if I purchase a product during the weekend or national holidays? 
PlayOn Pop won’t be sending orders during weekends and national holidays. We will process your orders in the following business days.

Is my payment secure? 
Your payment is secure as we implement multiple layers of security. Your credit card information is not stored in our system. It is recorded and processed directly by Veritrans.
Your transfer information is protected by the issuing bank. If you have any concerns about the security of your payment, please contact us 



Goods Shipping 

Where does
PlayOn Pop ship to? 
At the moment PlayOn Pop currently ships to Indonesia, and South East Asia Region. We will update other destination with shipping rate and time differs based on destination. 

What is the cost of shipping? 
Your total shipping fee depends on the final destination of the shipping address as well as your package specifications. Total fees may change depending on the weight or volume of your package. Some items that require special treatment, such as oversized and delicate items, may incur additional special handling charges. 

The shipping charges are as follows:

·      Indonesia starting from IDR8,500

·      South East Asia starting from IDR


Which shipping couriers does PlayOn Pop use? 
PlayOn Pop carefully selected our partner couriers for your best online purchase experience. We are partnering with JNE, and NEX Logistics.

How do I track my packages? 
Anytime after your payment is complete, you can track the status of your order in My Order. Once your package is shipped from our warehouse, you will receive an email with the courier provider, tracking number, and tracking website in it.

Cancellation & Returns 

Can I cancel or modify a Shop order? 
A Shop merchandise order is processed as soon as possible. If you have not made your payment and would like to cancel your order, please notify 
PlayOn Pop Care. If your payment is processed and you would like to cancel your order, please contact PlayOn Pop Care and we will try our best. 

What is
PlayOn Pop's return policy? 
All items purchased is non-returnable.

PlayOn Pop Experience 

Who do I call when I'm happy? 
We'd love to hear from you if you had a good experience. Do call our 
PlayOn Pop Care for a chat or leave a message. 

Who do I call when I'm sad? 
Of course we appreciate your constructive feedback. It is our commitment to our members that we listen and take action on your comments and critics. Our 
PlayOn Pop Care will be available for you. 

Can I suggest shop goods? 
Thought you'd never ask! Please do send us some ideas in writing, pictures, or better yet a site link, to 
PlayOn Pop Care. If you sell these goods yourself, please contact us forhere.

Partner With
PlayOn Pop

I want to become a partner of
PlayOn Pop
That is not a question, but we welcome you to be our partner! We'd love to know a little bit more about you through our 
Business Partnership, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.